Sunday, 16 June 2013

Forever Friends With Cake Using Spica Pens - Especially For Shabnam

Well this is the last topper for Forever Friends (for now anyway)
This one you will recognise from an earlier posting...
However, Dawn Omar put out a request for anyone to send a birthday card to her beautiful sweet daughter, a little angel named Shabnam who was 4 on the 21st of May
Dawn said that Shabnam loved all this bright and colourful, cute things, bright and sparkly!
So I decided to use the Forever Friends Topper and card I had made a added a bit of colour to it.
the card itself is already embossed so I thought I would fill in the flowers and use my Spica Pens as they are glittery and delicate :)
In the end I just had to do it all and I really like the effect actually, I did think it would go horribly wrong but I think it is perfect for a 4 year old birthday girl who has learnt how to open birthday cards :)D
I have spoken to Dawn since and was glad to find out that the card arrived safe and sound and Shabnam opened it and loved the surprise Cinderella that I had decoupaged on the inside for her. 
The photo did not turn out clear at all so I have not added it here xx
Thanks for looking and I hope you like the Spica Pens doodled on the Embossed card!
Would love your feedback on this card please.
lots of hugs